Can I manage and update my products and process orders?

Yes, we supply full training via Skype and teach you how to fully manage your online Webshop. We also make a individual video tutorial on how to upload your products, edit prices, stock control, process orders and how to manage your shopping cart.

Where are you located?

We are situated in Noord Brabant, Best and Johannesburg South Africa

How long will it take before my webshop is up and running?

As soon as you have supplied us with all the information we need we will launch the webshop in 7 days.

What content do I need to sell product's or service online?

We setup your webshop with everything you need to sell; from loading all content, integrating a payment gateway like iDEAL and integrating a shipping/delivery service like PostNL to calculate rates worldwide or domestic to the Netherlands. You need to supply us with product images, descriptions of your products, product prices, content like About us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and a Shipping Policy.

Do you provide web hosting?

Yes, we do! We supply free, secure and fast SSD web hosting which comes with ample space to host your site depending on the package taken.

We offer you a gratis domain.

We register your domain in your name, you own the domain. We also transfer existing domains from your current hosting service provider to our server.

Gratis SSL Certificate/HTTPS for my webshop?

We supply you a gratis SSL HTTPS Certificate when you choose one of our packages:

SEO — Google says it’s past time to move your sites over to HTTPS. They are now giving an SEO ranking boost to secure sites. Simply put, you’ll rank better in SEO.
SECURITY — SSL protects your site data and visitors. It encrypts data transferred over the web, like form submissions and credit card transactions.
E-COMMERCE Webshop — If you’re taking any payments on your website, SSL is non-negotiable. SSL is an absolute must for e-commerce and membership websites.

Would my website be mobile friendly?

We include Mobile responsive website for Multi-Device Shopping – Cell phone, Tablet and PC

Is SEO included in my website package?

We include so called onpage SEO. This means your webshop or website will have friendly url’s, a site tile and a site description according to Google’s demands. Of course we offer additional SEO services and we can also write hi ranking content and press releases for you. Please contact us for more information on this.

We upload your Products and Categories by default.

We upload all your products and categories, with sku codes, Product titles, Product descriptions, product price’s and the product image. We upload the amount of products according to the package you have chosen.

Do you include PostNL shipping in the shopping cart?

We include the PostNL prices and services. PostNL can calculate rates worldwide, or domestic to the Netherlands. If you’re shipping from the Netherlands, or within the Netherlands, PostNL is a standard by which shipping is held within the Netherlands.

Do you do Mobile App Development for my Webshop?

We develop mobile app’s your users can download from either Google Play Store (Android gadgets) or the App store (iOS gadgets). Since an app is especially designed to run on tablets and smartphones it will operate faster than a responsive internet site on the same device.
An app doesn’t need a web connection, this means that your mobile app can always be opened and used (provided you are connected to the internet). One of the benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers could be deliverd to them through push notifications. This way, you can easily remind your customers about your products and services. An app can Improve your business enterprise because it helps to Build a Brand and to Improve Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Android & iOS APP eCommerce Development

Personal custom icon launcher.
Personal custom designed splash screen.
Send Push Notifications via App.
Monetize Your App through AdMob integration.
App Submission.
Push Notifications.
We post your app to the Google Play & iOS store.

Will my Webshop be in Compliance with GDPR?

We include the following area’s of your webshop and make them GDPR compliant:
– Cookie consent & management
– Terms & Conditions policy
– Privacy Policy
– Right to be forgotten requirement
– Data access requirement
– Data breach notification requirement
– Data rectification system requirement


We supply a complete turnkey Webshop ready to take orders from payment gateway to shipping service and training to manage your Webshop.


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